🌉 BridgeX Network Bounty Campaign 🌉

🌉 BridgeX Network Bounty Campaign 🌉

Up to 10,000,000 BXN tokens to be awarded!

BridgeX Network is offering various bounties for the community, in efforts that you will help bridge between the various communities and spread the message of BridgeX Network.

Do head over to find out more on the bounty campaign here:

If you have any questions, chat with their admins at https://t.me/bridgexnetwork 🌉

🔥 What is BridgeX Network?

📡 BridgeX Network is the framework for a financial ecosystem of decentralised credit, conversion and payment solutions, enabling fully-decentralised crypto-to-crypto collateralised lending and borrowing, crypto-to-fiat currency conversions and cross border payments.

💥BridgeX Network will comprise of three main components:
1⃣ BridgeX Core
2⃣ BridgeX Platform (Distributed Apps/ Apps)
3⃣ Third Party Integrators (DApps/ Apps/ Service Providers)

Check out their website for more info and to download their whitepaper: https://bridgex.network/

[BOUNTY] BridgeX Network - LEND · BORROW · CONVERT · SEND - (tokens = $150k USD)
[BOUNTY] BridgeX Network - LEND · BORROW · CONVERT · SEND - (tokens = $150k USD)