​​integrity: blockchain gives a helping hand to small business

startups and small companies form the basis of business in the modern market, offering unique products and services in demand. however, most startups close within the first five to ten years due to rising costs, unstable profits, and problems finding qualified personnel. can the blockchain solve the problem?

integrity offers a unified platform for the protection of intellectual property, the search for reliable performers, and the introduction of new technologies. all the tools for small business development, efficient workflows and hiring suitable employees.

how does the integrity platform work?
the technological basis of the integrity ecosystem - itx tokens and powr protocol, evaluating each startup by three parameters: reputation, effectiveness, and expediency. the main difficulty in the development of new companies is the lack of reliable people and workable technologies.

integrity developers solve a problem by building a system of three components.

🔶 proof of wisdom. a tool to confirm the expertise of users running their integrity projects. the owner of the startup describes the business processes in the platform templates, but the size of the profits and the dynamics of the project development are traced automatically. if the case was successful, its parameters are saved in the blockchain for the following users.
🔶proof of reputation. a tool for selecting reliable performers who are interested in performing work at 100%. integrity smart contracts assign a rating to each freelancer by checking the quality of order fulfillment. performers with high ratings receive stable orders, their reputation is confirmed by system tokens.
🔶proof of results. a tool for encouraging programmers who successfully implement electronic document management systems, finance accounting software, and advertising campaign planning. unlike the traditional market, integrity allows you to implement a new program in a few hours, the development will be handled by experienced professionals.

startup owners, platform programmers, and freelancers interact via smart contracts, while successful software products and business solutions are stored on decentralized servers. integrity creates a knowledge , handy tools and a list of experts who can launch a successful startup. entrepreneurs get reliable specialists and turnkey solutions, while freelancers get a steady flow of orders for work.

crowdsale and further project development
project team has prepared 300 million itx tokens at a price of 15 cents each, eth, btc or us dollars are accepted. the minimum investment threshold is $100. during the ico, scheduled for the third or fourth quarter of 2018, it is planned to collect up to 30 million dollars (hard cap).

the main part of tokens (77%) is planned to be implemented during the crowdsale, 9% will be transferred to the founders of the project, 8% will provide a liquidity pool, 6% will be transferred to integrity lawyers and advisors. most of the funds raised (40%) are planned to be spent on operating expenses, 31% will be invested in the further development of the project, 29% will cover marketing and sales expenses.

in the future, developers plan to launch the learning engine - a tool for learning how to launch startups from scratch.

💎website: http://www.integrity.one/
g: https://t.me/joinchat/hu4rn03kjblryjvnsltnaq
hor on btt: melnikof https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1152502

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