​​Foresting: Hot Facts for Good Money

Social networks have become one of the “secret forces” guiding the modern market, society and technology. A few good reviews about the product or film are enough to create high demand. Companies get profits, social networks - revenue from advertising, and what about users? Authors of reviews, comments and community members publish useful information without receiving rewards. Is it possible to change the situation?

Foresting project developers propose to create a fair digital content market, offering each user rewards for high-quality publications. Authors of reviews on goods and services, regular customers of salons and shops make a profit for reliable materials. The platform is decentralized; therefore, “paid” posts, falsification of data and bribing of authors are excluded.

The participants of the Foresting project are ordinary consumers who exchange opinions on goods, services, political events, cultural events and receive income. Companies and trading platforms receive reliable reviews, the quality of service is improving, market competition becomes fair.

How Foresting Ecosystem Works
The technological basis of the project is a peer-to-peer network and a system of decentralized servers that store user information. The developers have implemented automatic synchronization, peer-to-peer transactions (payments or information sharing), as well as an open market for the sale and purchase of advertising publications. The application interface supports all forms of digital media content: text fields (reviews), voting (ratings), photos, videos, soundtracks (streams).

The ecosystem is built on three elements.

🚩Social Media. Platform for creating and publishing media content, exchanging opinions, getting feedback from companies providing goods and services. Developers identify four functions of the platform: Networking (collaboration), Connecting (user interaction), Interacting (interaction with companies) and Rewarding (receiving rewards for content). Unlike traditional social networks, Foresting connects content creators directly with companies that pay for these publications.

🚩Foresting Bank. A set of financial applications through which each media content creator receives regular rewards for their work. Tools and the amount of payment depend on the rating of the platform participant, the quality and frequency of published materials. Foresting users can focus on creativity - Bank will take care of financial matters.

Foresting Lab. Offline site, equipped to create high-quality content. Foresting users receive an equipped workspace, can rent video cameras and other equipment, and get a consultation from content promotion specialists.

Developers emphasize on universal, logical interface of the application, optimized for work on any devices. Users create content in the category they are interested in, the personal data of the participants are protected by smart contracts and stored in encrypted form.

Crowdsale and Further Project Development
Work on the project started in the spring of 2018, the creators released the first version of the Whitepaper and participated in the technical summit in the next quarter. In the third quarter of the same year, Pre-Sale of the project, ICO and testing the first version of Foresting took place. Until the end of 2018, it is planned to test an improved version of the platform, and in 2019, it is planned to launch the online application, mobile version, and the entire project.

Foresting ecosystem is aimed at transforming the digital content market, the ICO results (the crowdsale was closed before the planned date) show a steady interest of investors and ordinary users.

🌏Website: https://foresting.io/
🔸BTT Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4931943.0
📌TG: https://t.me/foresting_global
Author on BTT: Melnikof https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1152502

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